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X10 Revenue Launches the X10 Affiliate Automator Platform

LOS ANGELES — X10 Revenue has introduced the launch of its comprehensive, fully integrated Affiliate Live Webcam and Tube Site Aggregator Automation Platform, featuring the core X10 Platform.

According to Claude Lai, CEO of X10 Revenue, the new affiliate automation platform, seamlessly integrated with the X10 Platform, offers an unmatched all-in-one solution. “The X10 Platform now incorporates the X10 Affiliate Tube and Live Cam Aggregator, enabling the automatic integration of affiliate links, live cam feeds, and video content from some of the world’s most renowned tube and cam sites,” explained Lai.

What truly distinguishes us is the ability to manage tube, cam, and proprietary content sites all from a single platform, whether it’s for one website or across multiple sites. As Claude elaborated, “This represents a unique blend, harnessing SEO traffic, promoting live cams, and offering proprietary content simultaneously.”

Outlined below are a selection of features within the X10 Affiliate Automator Platform:

X10 Tube Aggregator

  • Streamlined automatic import of video content from leading global tube sites.
  • Bulk importing options encompassing API, CSV, FTP, or XML methods.
  • Daily automated imports, including checks for broken video pages, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Creation of limitless domains, SEO-focused pages, and video categories to effectively capture SEO-driven traffic.

X10 Live Cam Aggregator

  • Seamless linkage of multiple affiliate accounts to major live cam platforms, facilitating the bulk import of live cams.
  • Comprehensive management of models, filters, advanced searches, and more.
  • Models can be efficiently bulk imported via XML, CSV, or FTP methods.

X10 Platform Integration

  • Comprehensive management of CMS, Fans, Cams, and membership sites, all consolidated within the same platform.
  • Easy scalability of websites through cutting-edge caching and XML page construction techniques.
  • Integration options encompass email capture, billing gateway integration, crypto gateway integration, and more.

For further details, please visit X10 Revenue’s official website.