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Version 5.0 of My Web X App

The first full version upgrade in six years, the completely revamped My Web X App version 5.0 is now available with pricing starting at a low price per month.

This new version of My Web X App, version 5.0, is by far one of the greatest technological advancements in our content management and monetization platform we have ever announced

This new update “focuses on the latest HTML5 web capture and ultra-low latency live camming features that our clients have been asking for.”

The new platform, My Web X App Platform allows our clients have a Flash-free solution that provides almost zero latency using peer-to-peer live technology, including in private and group chats, plus new NodeJS integrated text chat for ultrafast loading with no database load.

Other new features of My Web X App 5.0 include white, black and “Fans Only” themes; increased security through IP video capture management and blocking; improved page rendering with high load capable caching, and HTML5 live capture from almost any device without downloads.

Demos are available.