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Fan Platform Design Redefined!

The “Fans Site” module of My Web X revolutionizes how performers can charge clients and manage their content for sale online.

Administrators will be able to:

* Take control of what content providers can do when they first sign up. Do they require an ID before their account is approved? Or can they upload content without approval but must have add an ID before they can get paid?

* Allow content providers to host Private Live Cams from their Phones or Computers as well as schedule Live Cam Sessions for a fixed price

* Assign the Percentage paid to Content Providers, Agents, Studios and Affiliates

* Pay Content Providers daily, weekly, monthly with Paxum, Gift Cards, Cryptocurrency, Wires, TransferWise, Etc. With credit card processing @ 10% and payouts all included (optional)

Users (Fans) using the My WebX Fans Platform will be able to:

* Sign up to the site using their own Twitter account

* Subscribe to one or many Content Providers for access to their Protected Posts (Video and Photo Content)

* Pay for web text messaging with Providers via text or pay per image

* Purchase physical products from Content Providers

* Purchase video or photo content. Pay per download or for a rental price

* Watch and buy time with Content Providers using the Live Cam Module on Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.

Create your own version of a “Fans Type Website” just like many popular Fan’s sites in the world with your own domain and branding. Hosted by us and includes Credit Card Processing and Daily Payouts to your Content Providers!

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