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Multiple Monetization

The new My Web X App multi-tier payment option for live cam models is just been created!

Now models can charge multiple pricing options to their clients depending on their user level!.

Live cam models can now set multiple level pricing for all their different purchasing options:

* Pay Per Minute Private Cams – Users can load credits and watch a live model until their account runs out. Multi-Tiered pricing means that if users purchase more credits they can get discounted pricing or if they choose to become VIP members they can also get more credits or the model can set different per minute pricing for private chats for VIP members only.

* Pay Per Time Private Cam – Models can choose multiple pricing options for VIP or non VIP users to purchase a block of time of their live private cam sessions. For example a model can choose to block out 30 minutes for a private one-on-one 2 way video chat with a user and that user can choose to become a VIP member to get that price discounted.

* Pay Per Time Group Cam – Models can create a scheduled event where as many users can login and see them live as they want. VIP and non VIP users can be set different pricing options depending on their membership level.

Models can also set themselves to be free for short period of time or longer for VIP members. They can also set which type of user can see them live.

– Anyone can see them live – free or registered or not
– Only users who have made a registered account can see the model live.
– Only VIP members in the multi-level pricing can see that model live if they pay.
– Only users who pay for the model in a private chat can see that model live.

All the social information of the model can also be protected under multi-tiered pricing as well.

The model’s Skype, Facebook, Twitter or other social network information can be made available only to users who are at the level the model allows.

Only VIP members for example could message the model or contact them via the email messaging system.

The variations on how to modify a model’s account, pricing and options is endless.